Where your treasure is there your heart will be also

A week ago I shared with you that I'm holding off on hiring a campaign manager for now, and instead, I'm putting my effort into hiring individuals with roadblocks to employment or those underemployed who I believe will benefit from the policies that I'm pushing to implement as governor. I am doing this to provide $15/hr work to as many people as possible, and I'm doing this because I believe that these are the people who can help us WIN.

Dems and Reps, you can fight over your usual automatic RED and BLUE voters. I want to focus firstly on those who are written off as 'non-voters' and I want to pick up, along the way, those Republicans or Democrats or independent voters who can see that really starting with those who are LAST (and not just lip service) is the best way to build a better New Jersey.

Here is a picture of some of my first hires. This is largely my Newark team.

Here's the problem. In order to pay $15/hr in some ongoing way I need your financial help. And, I need you to share my website and campaign with everyone you know. My personal goal is $500,000, in and out, with most of that money going to on-the-ground canvassing. I don't want to pay for Ads (ads are mainly needed for candidates who don't dare say anything prophetic or interesting, and therefore have to pay for public viewing time). Instead, I want us (I'm going to start talking about you and me as 'us') to pay real people, doing real door-to-door work, for 1 year. Once I raise $430,000 the state kicks in $2 for every $1 raised! Imagine 1.3 million dollars being spent in this way! That's money well spent.

One of my favorite bible quotes is, "where your treasure is there your heart will be also." Put some treasure into our campaign and watch your heart and energy increase toward our efforts. Let's give the 2nd and 3rd parties (the Dems and the Reps) a run for their money. Or, should I say, let's challenge them so that we can get the money problems in this state corrected, taking care, firstly, to correct the economic problems that make people last.

I don't have 10 million to put into my own campaign--shucks. But, in all honest, it's better that way. I'm having fun with this. I hope you are too. You can donate at kaperdaleforgovernor.com.

Peace, Seth