It's Time for a Heart to Heart

Dear Evangelical Christians,

It’s time for a heart to heart. Donald Trump is on the throne (and it is quickly becoming a throne) largely because of you. 4 out of 5 Christian voters who claim the sub-label 'Evangelical' decided that this man’s plan for America was in line with your values.

What Christian values, exactly, was he lined up with? I understand that Democrats have blessed Wall Street and have not taken seriously entire regions of this country. I get that financial complaint and shame on America for treating some states as "fly over states."

I understand that Roe v. Wade and Gay Marriage have felt like the slippery slope to destruction for you, but can you please see, quickly, that we’ve gone from a slippery slope to a CLIFF with the ascent of President Donald Trump.

So many of the things you stand for are being assaulted by the President, and you, located in heavily Republican districts, have to lead the resistance.

Evangelical Christians have been the backbone of refugee resettlement for decades. Yesterday the President disrupted this program, stopping it for the most vulnerable people in the world.

That goes against God as understood in scripture. We are to care for the meek.

Evangelical Christians have been key to the fight against torture. Yesterday the President reintroduced secret CIA Torture Prisons and Water Boarding.

That goes against the idea that all people are created in the image of God, worthy of dignity and respect.

Yesterday the President committed to limiting immigration from Muslim countries, really challenging religious freedom. Is that really something you want America to be known for? Haven’t you appreciated your religious freedom?

Yesterday the President committed to building a wall to keep out Mexicans. Many of your evangelical churches have been key to pushing for immigration reform. Say goodbye to that!

Two days ago the President moved forward pipeline projects without blinking an eye—blindly saying, “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Evangelicals, you have become leaders in the Creation Care movement. What’s going to happen to that?

Evangelicals, Jesus is crying. Jesus is crying right now not only because of the behavior of the President that has ascended the throne, but also because of the failure of his Christian church to live in the most basic way in conformity with the Sermon on the Mount. The word 'Evangelical' and 'Christian' are on the verge of being severed.

You, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who claim the term Evangelical, who live in states with Senators and House members who are in the President’s own party, speak up! Express your deep concerns. Pastors, show some leadership! These are very scary times.

Peace, Reverend/Gubernatorial Candidate Seth Kaper-Dale

torture is always wrong
refugees and immigrants welcome