Dear President Trump After the Immigrant Ban

Dear President Trump,

You are Caesar--but without a mandate. You are Pharaoh--but without the votes to last too long. I refuse to be afraid of you.

You do not rule a country that accepts totalitarianism. I give you about 1 more week before your entire Republican Party remembers that it claims to be rooted in Judeo-Christian values--none of which you avow. Republicans, unless you get this man off the throne fast, NEVER USE THE WORDS 'RIGHT TO LIFE' WITH US AGAIN. It's felt insincere for a generation, but now, by backing Trump, you're exposing it as a complete sham.

President Trump, you, and Franklin Graham, your so-called Christian sidekick, are an absolute disgrace. To hear him say that "refugee matters are not essential gospel issues" was the last thing I ever needed to hear out of that man's mouth.

Blessed are the poor (those with the spirit beaten out of them) for theirs in the kingdom of God. That kingdom is here, by the way, not in some ephemeral place.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

What a disgraceful first week in office. You are creating hell on earth for immigrants, refugees, workers, Muslims, and for regular people trying to live life in community, for the planet itself. You talk about torture like it's a good thing, you talk about governmental agencies like they are dirt. What a mess you are.

I am running for Governor of New Jersey. This is probably not a popular way to build a bridge with a President who could cut funding to the state I soon hope to lead. I am hedging my bets that you'll be gone soon. Kissing up to Caesar just isn't in my blood.

I am confident that unlike the current Herod-like Kiss-Up-to-Trump Governor we have in this state (who helped you win the throne), total rejection of you and your policies is the only appropriate response. I am not scared of you, yet. But the longer we let this insanity go on the more you might come to believe you can get away with creating endless hell for all of us.

Go back to your Caesar's Palace Casino. You can be all the Caesar you want to be there...but stop hurting us all. You are intolerable.

Peace, Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale
Gubernatorial Candidate
Green Party