Endorsement of State Assembly Bill 1945

It’s nice to see an excellent bill moving along in Trenton! 
(nice break from Christie's book deal, the Solitary Confinement Veto and the failure of Dems to get minimum wage on the ballot for next year)

I just want to write tonight to endorse Assembly Bill 1945. It’s wonderful to see legislation that is focused, primarily, on making changes that impact people facing the difficult reality of the criminal justice system. Those who have been charged with a crime, and are then acquitted, should not just have cases dismissed while reputations remained tarnished. In society we tend to heap blame and publicly drag someone’s name through the pool of critics…but then, when an acquittal comes, there is much less interest and the damage has been done.

“Hey, weren’t you the guy who…?” “No, I was the guy accused of…..”

This bill requires the Attorney General and county prosecutor to provide notification that shows when someone has been acquitted, or charges dropped. It goes to great length to remove info from judiciary websites and to send corrective information to the public.

Is it costly? Shouldn’t be too bad. Is the practice of permanently tarnishing someone’s good name costly? Sure is.

I’m glad to see a sensible bill proposed to bring about this important change.

Peace, Seth
Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate, 2017