Notes on a Green Gubernatorial Campaign

My wife and I have been co-pastors of a church in Highland Park, NJ since 2001. When we arrived, our church had 35 members. Today it has grown to approximately 500 congregants. We have also gone from being a primarily white congregation to being a congregation that has over 50 nationalities represented through first generation immigrants and extensive racial and ethnic diversity. In addition, over 3,000 people come through the church every week participating in a multitude of social justice and community building programs.

Our church works to be truly progressive and inclusive. We have been marrying gay couples since the early 2000’s. We rage against war and torture, Guantanamo Bay, hunger and solitary confinement. We join fights for raising the minimum wage and stopping climate change. In 2012 we provided physical Sanctuary to immigrants with ankle tracking devices on their legs for eleven months after they were ordered to report for deportation.

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