You Want To See The Middle Class And The Poor Pay Less In Taxes -- Vote For The Only Progressives Running (Who Said Reducing Taxes Is A Republican Idea?)

We read today that 70% of people polled in NJ thought that promises by a politician for any tax plan “is not believable.” The Republican Christie 2.0 talks about bringing down taxes but it is received by voters as farfetched. Surely there is some waste to be cut in Trenton, but we tend to agree with Governor Christie that there may not be so much waste left laying around as Kim is suggesting. Definitely not enough to really transform the property tax situation.

To be honest we don’t think Kim or Phil, or the people backing them, have anything like a creative revolutionary idea for how to free up tremendous money (or to generate new monies) to get this economy really moving again.

Bernie knew how to do it. Jill knew how to do it. We do too.

The single biggest transformational reality to the NJ economy would be the move to Single-Payer Medicare for All. Currently we spent 80 billion dollars a year on health-related expenses in NJ. Of that 80 Billion nearly 26 billion (33 cents of each dollar) goes to the overhead and profit of health insurance companies.

Medicare, by comparison, has an overhead of something like 2%. If we could move to NJ Medicare for All, and bring our overhead down to even 8%, 6.4 billion, image what we could do with an extra 19.6 billion dollars moving through our state.

And, further, that 19.6 billion would be freed up from all the places in Jersey that currently feel totally financially overwhelmed.

Property taxes would go down dramatically if the state of NJ had a true Medicare for All plan. On average 19% of municipal budgets go toward paying unregulated private health plans. That’s absurd. Let’s bring that down dramatically, in every town, and see more money in people’s pockets!

The State pension & benefits debacle would go away if we had a serious NJ single-payer plan for all. The state could pay its worker’s pension fund in full and have money left to bring down tuition at our universities and pay for other essential services.

Entrepreneurs would feel empowered to start new businesses, knowing they could retain employees because good employees wouldn’t be leaving for jobs with health benefits.

Medium and big businesses could pay $15/hour (at least) because they would have been relieved of the obligation to pay ridiculous private health plans for employees. Instead, they’d be paying a new 6% payroll tax (less than half of what they pony up now).

All those deductibles and co-pays, that hit you while you’re down, go away too!

Phil Murphy’s puny 1.2 billion in new taxes aren’t near enough to stimulate the economy.

Kim Guardano’s attempts to slash a billion in taxes is way too skimpy. They are weak plans and they are not even believable to voters.

We need dramatic changes. We need revolutionary thinking. We need 20 billion dollars of new monetary activity that frees people up to create jobs, to grow companies, to pay workers better wages, all the while bringing down property taxes, lessening the state debt and bringing more freedom to every person in the state of New Jersey.

By this point this notion shouldn’t be revolutionary: PROGRESSIVES LOWER TAXES THROUGH MEDICARE FOR ALL.

NJ Medicare for All is the plan we’ll push for if Kaper-Dale/Durden is elected on November 7th.

Peace, Seth Kaper-Dale, gubernatorial candidate
Lisa Durden, Lieutenant Governor candidate