We’ve had our work cut out for us lately, haven’t we?

We’ve had our work cut out for us lately, haven’t we? In response to Trump’s initial flurry of Executive Orders, hundreds of people from around our state joined a vigil I led at Reformed Church of Highland Park. Rabbis, imams, and community leaders reminded us of our calling to defend all people, and that right now this means defending refugees and immigrants. That vigil resulted in the creation of a rapid response team, D.I.R.E. (Deportation and Immigration Response Equipo), launched publicly last Thursday, in a packed meeting broadcast by Wall Street Journal and international press. http://tinyurl.com/h6wbpdf

In many interviews and speaking engagements this month, I urged officials to stand up to Governor Christie by declaring New Jersey a Sanctuary State. These appearances included addressing a committee of the State Assembly last Friday as a leader on this issue. I know you share my determination to take our solidarity work together to the next level, the Statehouse, and it’s within our reach.

Recently, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll, showed the leading Democratic Party candidate has 17% support among Democratic Party voters, tied with 17% of his party’s voters who preferred “someone else” outside of their party’s options. (http://tinyurl.com/gwlqlnc) I am that real alternative. Together, with your support to get the word out, we can do this. Please support my gubernatorial campaign with a financial contribution. To donate, click here or copy and paste: https://www.kaperdaleforgovernor.com/donate

Our work has never been limited to Highland Park. Many of us stood with migrants in a sanctuary city rally in New Brunswick on February 7th and the Highland Park Borough Council meeting on February 21st. Additionally, I’m working with other faith leaders in Middlesex County who are equally prepared to open their places of worship as sanctuaries to people facing deportation. To view one of numerous pieces of news coverage on this work that you and I and many partners are doing, click here or copy and paste: http://tinyurl.com/zvqg2wq

I am thankful I have worked towards creating a commonwealth of love for 15 years as pastor. As governor, I will continue firmly defending the valuable and indispensable role of immigrants in our great town, state and country. On my web site, you can learn more about my policies regarding immigrants and refugees, and all who find themselves left last by the corrupt establishment. Please also visit the “donate” page to make a donation. Visit that page at: https://www.kaperdaleforgovernor.com/donate

I am thankful for the indispensable support you’ve been providing my campaign. The State Elections Board sets a huge fundraising goal of $430,000 by September 1st for candidates who want to be admitted into the debates leading up to the General Election. I know we can reach this goal and directly challenge my opponents.

Please share this email widely and encourage your friends to get involved and to donate. Your donation would be strengthened by getting five of your friends to do the same. We are doing great work together, so let’s keep the faith and keep fighting back.

peace and thanks,


Kaper-Dale for Governor