Last week, in an incident that hardly made national news, a lone gunman in Kansas City killed one Indian man and severely wounded another because they looked, “Middle Eastern.” Over the weekend 100 headstones were toppled at a Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery, making it just another typical (of late) anti-Semitic weekend. More locally, one of the largest mosques in Central New Jersey had to cancel an Interfaith organizing event because of frightening phone calls that suggested coming violence.

Such behavior is not normal. It is not typical in America. Sure, this country didn’t just suddenly become a racist, biased place, but it has been many decades since there was such an uptick in hate crimes--and hate crimes aimed at such a wide swath of people.

These hate-crimes are the result of the bias and ‘hate-crime behavior’ coming out of the administration in Washington. President Trump, throughout the election, mocked and derided people from minority cultures and communities. He fed the flames of bias and hate. And now, he is carrying out executive orders built on these sinful foundations.

Today, in a seeming ‘about face’ he started talking about a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. That is so like an abuser—to scare the heck out of your victim and then to turn around and act like you’ve ‘changed.’

We won’t fall for it. We won't go deeper into this abusive relationship. Anyone who says, "give him a chance" is saying "give him a chance" to a man who forces himself sexually on unsuspecting women, who derides people with disabilities, who mocks families of slain soldiers, who is scaring millions of immigrant children and families, and Muslim children and families, and refugee children and families, each and every day with his horrible policies.

President Trump, denounce the hate crimes, and apologize, sincerely, for the central part you've played in making American an unsafe country for so many. Good luck getting us to jump on board with your ideas now. We won’t fall for the tricks of an abuser.

The way you’ve led our nation so far is nothing short of an abomination.

Peace, Seth Kaper-Dale
The Last Are First (and the First Are Last)
Green Party, New Jersey