A Billionaire Coup d’etat That Is Failing As We Speak

Billionaires won the election in November.  It wasn’t white workers from middle America who won. It wasn’t so-called ‘right to life’ voters.  They were just pawns.  Billionaires were the winners—as they usually are.  It’s just that this time a bunch of these billionaires understood that there was an existential threat that needed to be squashed--so they have formed a Coup to take over not just aspects of government that regulate money, but they've tried to take over the entire government itself. They did it now because they were scared.    

I do not believe that Hillary Clinton posed an existential threat to the billionaires who won the election in November.  I do not believe that President Obama posed that threat to them either.  But billionaires saw, in 2016, that a giant threat was looming—it was embodied in Bernie’s campaign. 

Bernie’s way of approaching the markets would have re-written America as we know it.  His way of moving money out of the hands of the wealthy few and into the hands of the middle and bottom would have raised us all up—except for a handful of grotesquely wealthy people who live lives that make the Carnegie and Rockefeller families in the late 19th century look like paupers.  

Bernie articulated to average Americans that there was plenty of money to fix education, housing, health care, the criminal justice system and minimum wage—that America could wage a real war on poverty—he was the first major threat to the robber barons of our day in a very long time.  

I am convinced that Trump, and other billionaires (and those just below them who make millions serving them), whose highest aspiration is to maintain and advance their own positions in life, were relieved with the way things rolled out in the Democratic primary.  If Bernie had won the people would have taken over the White House this January.  

The billionaires, at least those on the far-right, knew that it was now or never if they were to hold on to an America that played to their privilege.  They wanted to Make America Great Again, alright.  They wanted to roll things back to the days of total deregulation and monopolization.  That’s what 'Make It Great Again' meant to them.  

The only way for the Billionaires to get what they wanted was to find a portion of the population that felt undervalued and who could blame their losses on the gains of ‘the other.’  They found that group in white evangelicals.  Trump did a masterful job of winning white, blue-collar, evangelicals, playing on their fears to foment hate and to form ‘in groups’ and ‘out groups.’

In order to make sure this isn’t just a blip in American history, the Billionaire class, now that it is in power, is attempting to undo America as we know it today.  To ensure that this is more than just a passing moment they’ve taken over with viciousness, trying to send immigrants away from these shore, banning people based on religion, and creating a reign of terror that undoes liberties.  If they can make America a miserable enough place, if they can ruin enough lives, maybe they can keep total control of this massive economy.  

But I think we are seeing, in these first two weeks of the Trump presidency, that it’s too late for out-of-touch billionaires to maintain total control of America. Americans aren’t nearly as hateful and xenophobic as the billionaires were hoping.  The Coup is failing.  

President Trump, Koch brothers, DeVos family…all you bloated-bank account clowns…it’s too late for your way of Making America Great Again.  We don’t want a world ruled by Billionaires who are deregulated.  Even the demagogical hate-mongering that you’ve used as tools for your cruel Billionaire Coup are proving to be worthless.  People of all levels of wealth, in the corporate world, in the religious world, in the sports world, in the entertainment world, in the neighborhoods of most towns and cities, like a diverse America.  We know there is no going back—and we are thankful for that.  

Billionaires, both Democrats and Republicans, you are right.  There is an existential threat to your way of living in the world.  That threat was articulated best by Bernie Sanders, but he is just the beginning.  There is a generation coming that knows his way is the way forward for all of us. 

I can't wait for the day when the Evangelicals turn on you--realizing they've lined up with the 'white-washed tombs' that Jesus couldn't tolerate.  

Your billionaire coup is done.  So, so, done.  

I am running for state office, and I am committed to making sure that no vestige of any billionaire coup finds a home in this state.  

Peace to you,
Seth Kaper-Dale
Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of NJ