Since I’ve started running for governor there are two frequently asked questions.

#1 “Seth, by running on the Green Party Ticket, don’t you worry that you’ll be stealing votes from Phil Murphy and the Democrats?”

Answer: Murphy’s coronation isn’t guaranteed yet…but if he does end up as the candidate, I find it a disgrace that a billionaire Wall Street mogul be considered the ‘progressive option’ for the state of New Jersey. I’m bothered that Phil Murphy might steal votes from me and from real progressives. I am the social-justice-oriented progressive in this campaign, and I’ve committed myself to work on behalf of the poor and I’ve confronted ‘the powers’ that keep the poor and middle class stagnating or falling ever further behind in a state that tilts dramatically to the whims of those who are rich and powerful. I have shown administrative skill and charisma working with people who live in the ‘real world’ of the normal economic strata. I am, hands down, more prepared to lead the state than Phil Murphy, and it bothers me that he might steal my votes.

#2 “Seth, how will you get anything done if there are no assembly members or senators to carry your agenda through the legislature.”

“I do not believe that the people who are elected by the people of New Jersey are firstly identified as Democrat or Republican—each of them is a person. Unfortunately, in this bi-partisan stalemate that is our system, we play politics as if it is a ‘winner takes all’ affair—and the other side isn’t only the loser, in the game, they are actually ‘losers’ as people. It would be refreshing for New Jersey if there was a governor who had to listen to elected human beings as elected human beings, and not firstly as Republicans and Democrats. Hopefully the Green Party (or other parties, or independents) will have success in legislative campaigns this fall, but even if the Green Party is only represented by the governor, this could be a refreshing season for the state. Imagine a season where all elected officials are considered potential partners in good legislation, and, equally, where bad decisions for the poor and middle class will be turned aside, whether they come from the Democrats or Republicans.

All of this makes me say, in 2017, the Green Party (or any other non-major party) is the 1st Party, and the Establishment Parties need to take their proper place—2nd, 3rd…or maybe even lower than that.

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First