Why Is New Jersey such a difficult place, economically, for most people?

Why Is New Jersey such a difficult place, economically, for most people? It’s not because we are a state without resources. New Jersey is one of states with the richest possibilities based on location, population and activity.

It’s a tough place to live because the political will hasn’t been there to build a robust economy that firstly benefits the common good. Instead, it seems to me, many ideas are stymied by the fact that the political leadership (regardless of party) receive huge levels of support from extraordinary wealthy people and special interests. It's really hard to 'think straight' when you come from a place so out of touch with the reality of most people in the state.

I am running for governor because I want to build a robust economy by starting with the people. If we look out for each other, starting with the last, there are endless possibilities for bringing out the beauty that is right here for all of us--often hidden behind the daily struggle to get by, debt and fear.

I am committed to:

-Health Care for All (which could drives down school and municipal budgets by 18-20%).

-Fully funded Public Schools (At the mandated levels of 2008).

-Acknowledging the economic and racial segregation of our schools and towns (We need to run a 'Plessy vs. Ferguson' assessment on most of our schools. Separate but equal is not acceptable, but it is a Jersey norm)

-Extending Affordable Housing vouchers for families with children in every town (so no town can act like a gated-community to the poor).

-Public Banking (to keep NJ tax payer dollars creating loans to grown the economy and the work force).

-Treating public transportation as a priority.

-Investing in renewable energy and greener infrastructure.

-Putting a moratorium on gas and oil pipelines.

-$15 minimum wage now (with support for small businesses while we transition)

-Ending Mass Incarceration and acknowledging the racism that exits in the system.

-Ending 'indentured servitude/slave wages' for those locked-up

-Having independent prosecutors in cases of police violence, and a legislative prison review board with subpoena power to protect inmates.

-Seeing in-state university education as an investment--not as a way to syphon funds off our future leaders through exorbitant loans and looming debt.

-Allowing every person to vote regardless of criminal history.

-Supporting fully the rights of LGBTQ persons.

-Fully supporting refugees.

-Acknowledging Undocumented Immigrants as Important New Jersey Residents (key to our economy, just stuck in a broken federal immigration system)

-Declaring New Jersey a Sanctuary State

-Properly increasing taxes on the ultra-wealthy

-Ending corporate welfare

-Reinstating the Estate Tax

Maybe most importantly, I am committed to working with any Democrat, Republican, Green, Socialist, Libertarian, Independent who is elected to the Assembly or Senate and who believes that this kind of an economic plan might just be best for the common good.

I can't wait to be your Governor.

Peace, Seth

As you can imagine, I'm not going to be getting many corporate donations from Wall Street, big business or those who benefit from machine politics. So, if you would, please DONATE and help me truly take on the powers. It's easy.