from pastor to politics

For those of you who have followed my decision to run for governor and wondered about my journey from pastor to politics, I invite you to check out this video produced by Corin Lea Pankow.

Some are concerned that a person who has held a leadership position in any religious community is somehow dangerous for politics. I appreciate the concern but I hope I can persuade said people to see that an ideology of liberation, justice & communalism is what grows out of my faith tradition. These things are key to a political revolution--and a revolution is what is needed in New Jersey and in this country.

Rather than a faith tradition being a liability I would say it gives me deeper roots for believing that the system as it stands right now needs to be turned on its head.

The Democratic and Republican Party bosses consistently support candidates who will not truly challenge the neoliberal agenda. There are often very good people in these parties, but the parties are beholden to a problematic ideology - the ideology of unregulated-capitalism wedded to government. Unregulated capitalism (and probably capitalism itself) will never serve the poor or the middle class. Yet the two party system just keeps on feeding the capitalism-beast.

The bosses that run the Democratic Party in NJ would never allow the current Goldman Sachs frontrunner to go with single-payer health care for all (not that I think he'd really want that). They'd never let truly progressive tax brackets get added to balance things out more between the grotesquely rich and the rest of us.

If you get a chance, watch this video. Learn a bit more about me. Then, contribute to my campaign. Whatever you're moved to give - it all helps. Thank you very much.

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