Half-Million Undocumented Jerseyans

To Voters Concerned About the Half-Million Undocumented Jerseyans Under Threat from This Regime,

On Thursday morning, May 25th, approximately 30 of us gathered in front of the Rodino Building at 970 Broad St., in the pouring rain, to chant "John Tsoukaris, have a heart, stop ripping our families apart." NJ's Field Office Director has made it his mission to strictly enforce the Executive Order of January 25th, and the result is the destruction of family-values and sending the persecuted back to the place of their suffering.

We were there, on Thursday, specifically to express concern for 4 Indonesians--1 deported and 3 still wrongly detained.

We received a very heartfelt word from Stella Manopo, who shared with us about her wonderful father Oldy. He is sitting in detention. We chanted the names Oldy, Saul, Rovani and Arino.

When I become governor I will make sure that part of our weekly diet, as a state, is to read aloud the names of families destroyed by deportation. We cannot let the Federal Government carry out racial and ethnic cleansing without raising a strong voice of resistance and without finding ways to bring down the powerful from their thrones.

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First