New Jersey needs a Sabbath from the two party duopoly

Dear Supporters of the only progressive candidate in the race for governor,

Thank you for helping us raise close to $12,000 this week through our facebook challenge!! Through dozens of new donors we were able to raise significant money and show that progressives in the state of NJ are not going to tolerate being represented by a Goldman Sachs billionaire anymore. It's fair to call Mr. Murphy a Liberal--but it is not fair to call him progressive. Definitely not Revolutionary.

What is needed in NJ at this time is a revolution of values and an economic revolution. They go hand in hand. Soft, liberal reforms are not going to lead to the kinds of changes that are needed to make the last first, and the first last...changes that will transform this state with a wellspring from below.

I am a proven administrator. I successfully have created and run programs that start at the real roots of our broken society and start with no corporate dollars or special interests.

NJ needs a Sabbath (a rest) from the two party duopoly, and its commitment to itself and its wealth.

I strongly believe that there are people who traditionally vote Red and Blue who need to take a real look at Green this time around. But even if not one Blue or Red jumps into the wellspring of revolution with me, Kaper-Dale for governor still has 60% or more of the NJ voters who are not committed to either corporate party. I'll be putting time and energy into winning those people--street by street.

To that end, join us for the ground game. It's going to be fun--and it starts in full-swing on June 15th. We are running a campaign 900 Events in 90 days, with 10 regional hubs all pushing the Kaper-Dale Last Are First Agenda, and the Kaper-Dale name, into every corner of the state.

These events are about outreach, voter registration and visiting neighborhoods. You can help turn the tide.

If you want to help with the ground game go to and go to VOLUNTEER. You'll be reached, very soon, with information on how you can help.

Finally, some say, "Seth, aren't you bothered that you'll steal votes from Phil Murphy." My answer...'I'm bothered, horrified actually, that Phil Murphy might steal votes from me. How dare someone so centrist come to represent the party that at one point in this country used to represent something that was progressive.'

Friends, it's time to let blue be blue...and to admit that blue is centrist...and to move on to a first party alternative--the green party.

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First