NJ is a media wasteland

Over the past 16 years I can say that the social-justice church I pastor, and the non-profits I've created, have had an inordinate amount of media attention.

When we've stood up against the Iraq War, built houses for Veterans, homes for women aging-out of foster care, resettled refugees and offered Sanctuary, the media has been faithful. In as much as any church is well-known, our church is at least on the radar.

We've stuck our necks out there on behalf of the poor and downtrodden and, because of that, we've attracted the attention of media.

When I decided to run for governor I'd been told that "NJ is a media wasteland," but I didn't believe it. You see, for me, that hadn't been my experience. We have always done work that is significant enough to draw the attention of local, state and national attention.

This has been a particularly strange year. I decided to run for governor, and then, after I started campaigning, Donald Trump was elected, and immigration and refugees crises hit the fan. Because of our work over the years supporting the oppressed, and our rapid response in these troubled times, we've drawn attention again. I am, of course, thankful for it. Media is part of the theatrics of resistance--and we've needed all the help we could get.

But I can hardly get a news outlet to express an ounce of interest in me as a candidate for governor--even though my campaign stands for all the things that the media has cared about that I've worked on as a pastor and activist.

It seems that the media, large and small, doesn't get it. They don't realize that the same administrative skills that have allowed for our social justice work can be applied to state government. They don't seem to realize how profoundly transforming it would be to have an advocate who starts with the last instead of with the first leading the way in Trenton.

It's as if they don't believe that someone pushing for a revolution of morals that starts with an economic revolution possible belongs in politics.

Media -- I can't wait to prove you all wrong.

Peace, Seth