Oldy Manopo to be deported

We have received word that a dear friend, church member and long time Metuchen/Edison resident Oldy Manopo will be deported in the morning (Monday, June 5th).

It's likely to happen that he'll be awakened around 3am and told to pack up his things. He'll be put in a car with tinted windows around 5am and driven to JFK. Packaged up and sent away by a government that could care less about a grieving wife, broken children and totally confused and bewildered grandchildren.

Where do we live again?

There are some who question why I, a candidate for governor, find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on the case by case immigration issues of our day. Well, friends, because right now, undocumented immigrants are last—dead last. They are being categorically wiped out, thrown away as if their hearts, souls, minds and bodies, are discardable. We need policies that protect vast numbers--but we also need to name and love each and every individual we can.

Tomorrow morning at 4:15am I will be going to the Elizabeth Detention Center, to hopefully be there at the time ICE sends Oldy away. I want to wave to one who worshiped with us each week in Highland Park and who traveled to D.C. to advocate for hungry people with Bread for the World. I want to show respect to someone who absolutely loved America and who was so thankful to find safety from the persecution he was facing when he escaped Indonesia 17 years ago.

If you want to join me for Oldy's 'send off' you are welcome to meet me in the church parking lot at 4:15am. Or, meet us at 625 Evans, Elizabeth.

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First