on the Executive Order

We have known, since the Executive Order "the security of the interior" was announced on January 25th, that the Hate-Crime President had codified his hatred against black and brown people from around the world (and played American bigotry and economic frustration to his favor).

This executive order has hurt thousands of families since January, and most recently it pulled an Indonesian father away from his 13 year old American citizen child here in Central NJ. As we speak there are three other Indonesians, who have been shown discretion in the past, who are sitting in Elizabeth Detention Center.

The hate-crime President, the anti-family-values President, the 'further persecute the persecuted' President: all these names apply. Unfortunately, they apply too, to the Field Office Director in New Jersey, who seems to get a kick out of breaking up families, deporting persecuted people and furthering the racial and ethnic hatred that has been on the rise.

Please reach out to our Congressman Frank Pallone, to encourage the introduction of the Indonesian Refugee Family Protection Act.
Frank Pallone
New Brunswick (732) 249-8892
Long Branch (732) 571-1140
D.C. Phone: (202) 225-4671

Also, reach out to ICE in Washington, to ask Mr. Homan why he's decided to stop caring for Indonesian Refugees (like he did in the past) and why he now wants to enforce their removal. 

His number is 202-732-5545. Ask him why he didn't protect Arino Massie? Ask him why Field Office Director John Tsoukaris is allowed to continue ruining families in New Jersey?

There will be further opportunities for further protest this week. We can never let it be NORMAL for a President and his henchmen to get away with breaking up families.

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First