Rovani is gone — ICE Strikes Again

Last night Rovani's wife went to visit him at the Elizabeth Detention Center, as she has faithfully done each night since his detention on May 8th. This time, when she arrived and asked for him, he was not there. The front desk said, "you'll have to call ICE in the morning." It was after 5pm, so there was only CCA (the for-profit detention prison company) on hand—not ICE staff.

Just now, at 5:45 am on Friday June 2nd, I got a call from Rovani's wife that he'd just landed in Japan (en route to Indonesia). She learned that yesterday morning they came to get him. He pleaded, "I don't want to go," he asked to call his "pastor, his lawyer, his wife." The guards said, "we'll call them."

They didn't.

That's how Rovani's life in America comes to an end. With lies, with family breaking, with insensitivity and hate—the well-developed skills of our government officials and their enforcers.

Rovani's wife has begged "no pictures," as the pictures posted of Arino (deported two weeks ago), after his deportation, awaited him on the TV screen when he arrived in Jakarta.

Rovani's faith tells him, "this is ok, pastor, God still has a plan."

His faith is a little different than mine. I do not believe it is God's plan to break up families.

I do not believe it is somehow the will of the Divine to desecrate the planet through greedy, war-mongering policies—to participate in the creation of a refugee/asylee/immigrant crisis and then to have our 'solution' be to racially & ethnically clean house through hate-crime Executive Orders.

Will God continue to work with him, through it all, like God did with Joseph, Moses and Miriam, Ruth and Naomi and Esther?—yes—but it is not God's will to create hell on earth.

Donald Trump is the Hate-Crime President, but we cannot let off the hook those who willfully participate in propping up that system. Field Office Director John Tsoukaris is a Hate-Crime Field Office Director—and we cannot allow a Hate-Crime Field Office Director to poison New Jersey's beautifully open and diverse society.

Forget Russia—Trump should be fired for crimes against our immigrant community. I'd love to see Field Office Director Tsoukaris fired too—knocked from his mini-throne on the same grounds. I'd love to see a day when the Federal Building, at 970 Broad Street, was emptied of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). I'd even give those dudes a big pay-day…a public "go-fund me" to cover their salaries…in order to have them stop ruining the lives of our New Jersey families.

Friends, it is not too soon to start using the language of RACIAL & ETHNIC CLEANSING. That is what is going on. The rule of law has become a sinister thing.

Peace to you,

Pastor Seth, Candidate Seth ... whatever the heck I am right now
The Last Are First