Thank you for the incredible ways you've hit the streets

Friends, I want to thank you for the incredible ways you've hit the streets since June 15th, when we launched 900 Events in 90 Days. Being at multiple events myself this weekend I was taken by the fervor of those campaigning alongside me. You really believe it's time for 'the last to be first!' You really believe I'm the #onlyprogressiverunning!

If you haven't been part of 900 in 90 go to to learn how to join. This campaign will win if we motivate those who haven't gone to the polls in recent elections to come out in support to try something new! Go green!

In order to reach enough voters to win this thing, however, we need to both win in the streets and with traditional forms of mass media. It's going to take dollars for us to get our message out there widely.

Can you go to and give $1. Better yet, give $1 and then send a facebook post to all your friends saying that you've just done this. Ask them to give a new FIRST PARTY--the Greens--a chance to compete as an equal with the old parties of Red and Blue.

Peace, Seth