TODAY: We'll keep fighting

First, let me congratulate you. Congratulations on being on a team that has raised nearly $100,000 in grassroots style as of today, which is a huge accomplishment. Everything we have done we have done with big numbers of people, not a handful of big money rich donors. When I am governor, I won't owe favors to big corporations and the wealthy elite. I will owe my loyalty to YOU: the people, the communities, of New Jersey. #WeAreRunningForGovernor. Together.

NJ law makes us raise $430K by 11:59 p.m. TODAY to be in the televised debates. No matter what, my running mate Lisa Durden and I are already scheduled for seven candidate forums and debates which we will livestream and spread as widely as possible. And no matter what this campaign will need your continued financial support to keep fighting and win on November 7th.

Check out our new commercial at the link below! It is airing today as a Youtube video ad and on MSNBC for select regions and cable subscribers. Please keep giving generously today at to support this transformational campaign and make a last push for the debates!

Thanks and peace,