We Need More Campaign Leaders!

Please SAVE THE DATES FOR SEPTEMBER 16TH AND 17TH for a regional events kickoff weekend. Two months from now this entire gubernatorial campaign will be wrapping up.  We will know whether or not a truly progressive campaign, a campaign that starts with the last, has made any electoral impact on the state of New Jersey.  Until the final moment on election day we will be pushing hard for a revolution at the polls.  Trenton needs a truly progressive voice.  America needs to see that this is possible.  Now is the time!

We have been running a statewide campaign for the better part of a year.  Kaper-Dale/Durden has carried out canvassing events, town halls, house parties and actions all around the state.  We have worked to shape meaningful policy that is informed by progressive voices and the voices of the poor.  We are proud of the work that has been done and we are thankful for all of you who have made it happen so far.

Now, we need to increase our strong regional hubs.  We need more leaders and hubs committed to the campaign, committed to carrying out the work of outreach and get-out-the-vote efforts, without the candidates present, from now until the election.  Lisa and I will, of course, be constantly on the move, appearing as many times as humanly possible, over the next 60 days. What we need you to do is let us know you will increase your commitment for this next stretch. 

In the next days some of you will be getting calls from me — asking you to be volunteer regional coordinators.  Some of you have been doing the work already.  However, if you have TIME and a desire to help with a 60 day push to challenge the two-party duopoly in the state of NJ, don’t wait for us to call you.  Call the campaign office now and let us know! The # is 1-866-SKD-4-GOV, and Nate's cell # is 732-406-3574.

We have two new outreach coordinators — Suzy Jivotovski and Terrance Bankston.  They will be reaching out to you as well.  Once coordinators have been identified (in the next 3-5 days) we’ll be planning regional outreach meetings for next weekend. Please SAVE THE DATES FOR SEPTEMBER 16TH AND 17TH for a regional events kickoff weekend.

Peace, Seth and Lisa