The Environment Has Been Last, and So It Shall Be First

Hurricane Sandy isn't a once in a 100-year storm—not with the reality of climate change. A state plan needs to be put in place to address the rising tides that are washing away beaches and destroying wetlands that protect our shore communities. Through these protections we'd be more prepared for the next big storm. Our administration would take the reality of climate change seriously.

We would commit to a Clean Power Plan to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas co-pollutants while prioritizing the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives in the state's poorest and most vulnerable communities. We would rejoin the Regional Green House Gas Initiative as long as we could guarantee measurable air pollution reductions firstly in the most vulnerable communities, which are often our inner cities.

We would finish construction of a demonstration offshore wind project off the coast of Atlantic City. We would begin construction of additional offshore wind projects with specific goals of dramatic increases in clean energy production by 2025.

We would end the annual Clean Energy Fund budget raids and commit to spending the funds in a socially just and labor friendly manner.

We would advocate for labor-friendly policies within the renewable energy sector to ensure the creation of good union jobs with a living/family wage in the new energy economy.

We would support a comprehensive infrastructure investment program to rebuild water, sewer, public transportation and school systems, utilizing a project procurement process that considers carbon content to reduce emissions and incentivize local production.

The matrix of pipelines that crisscrosses our state, and increases in size at an alarming rate, suggests that we are building a dirty-infrastructure ready for an energy economy of the past, rather than a renewable system for the future. Our administration would put a moratorium on state pipeline projects and create and enhance every possible measure that would keep the federal government passing through New Jersey lands with pipelines.

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