Joining a Focus Community


Forming Focus Communities


As our campaign engages with people around New Jersey we are finding people wanting to promote Kaper-Dale for Governor (SKD-4-GOV) among their colleagues, in their communities and with their friends.  Therefore the Seth Kaper-Dale Campaign is encouraging the formation of focus communities for Kaper-Dale.

To start a Focus Community for Kaper-Dale

At least 5 people should be interested in forming the Focus Community such as “Psychologists for Kaper-Dale,” “Plumbers for Kaper-Dale,” “LGBTQ for Kaper-Dale,” “Labor for Kaper-Dale,” “Montclair State for Kaper-Dale,” “Students for Kaper-Dale,” “Migrants for Kaper-Dale,” etc. 

What do we expect from a Focus Community for Kaper-Dale?

Each Focus Community will: 

  • Contribute policy ideas to sharpen the SKD-4-GOV Campaign’s efforts to promote your group’s needs and interests and later work for your community once we reach the Statehouse.
  • Help the SKD-4-GOV Campaign deepen communication with your community and involve community constituencies in the campaign.   One first step toward doing this is creating your Focus Community group on Facebook, Twitter and other social media with links to our campaign pages.

Your Focus Group will be listed above.


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