The Last Are First
Platform Priorities

In my career as a pastor — a calling that I believe holds within its definition community organizer, social entrepreneur and justice-seeker — my work has been guided by a belief that society is only as good as the life it provides for its most vulnerable citizens.  Accordingly, we should all do what we can to put the last first. As a church, and with interfaith partners and other people of good will, I've worked hard to listen to the voices of those struggling most here, and to organize creative responses to meet unmet needs.  I have built a better and stronger community as a result.  It is the guiding tenet of my faith, and my career, and if elected, would guide my administration.  

A healthy government should be more than a mere safety net for the very poor.  Safety nets seem to me to be a metaphor wedded to trickle-down economics and trickle-down-from-the-powerful decision-making.  By exercising common sense compassion, and enacting a platform of real change for the "last", I believe the trickle from above can be replaced with well-springs that start at the bottom.  I believe a more beautiful communal and individual life is possible for all of us.  If we can provide a fuller, richer life with more opportunity starting by prioritizing the last, we can experience something that more resembles a mighty stream. 

Peace, Seth
The Last Are First

The layout of this document places at the forefront three topics that I believe will dramatically increase revenue in this state, even as they serve the 'last are first' agenda in major ways.  Then, in light of new funds generated, I move into an extensive 'last are first' agenda