Unions and Organized Workers Prevent People from Becoming 'The Last' And Shall Be Celebrated for Their Fights to Counter the Great Wealth Divide in Our State

The financial problems our state experiences are not the result of greedy workers who are clamoring for unfair pieces of the pie.  Historically, unions have been essential in helping workers gain reasonable work hours, quality benefits, and decent wages. Despite their importance, for the past few years, many unions have been disrespected by the Christie Administration.   This approach to unions must change.  Collective bargaining rights will be expanded when working with a Governor who is interested in workers being respected and playing a vital part in our state's ability to move forward economically.  My Administration will promote full respect for the Wagner Act and the right to organize.  Together with unions and businesses we will convert the Department of Labor and Workforce Development into an entity that protects workers rights in our state.

Workers Have Been Last, Because of Stagnant Pay and Other Unconscionable Policies

A $15 minimum wage is a necessary corrective to the current minimum wage in order to keep up with the cost of living in New Jersey today.  Leaders in the senate and assembly have not shown a real commitment to bringing up the minimum wage.  Instead, they intentionally tied the issue up in the knots in December, 2016, keeping it off the 2017 ballot as a constitutional amendment.  My administration would work with legislator champions to get this done.

Earned Paid Sick Leave Is A Must: Work is important, but the work of caring for oneself and one's family while in crisis is more important still.  I would suggest that if the state really cares about this it not put the full onus of responsibility on small business.  There should be in place state matching funds to meet the costs of earned paid sick leave after a % threshold is reached annually by the employer.  

I would never sign legislation that prevents workers' right to organize.  Unions are so important to the backbone of a healthy society.  Government and business needs to listen to the voice of those who actually do the work that makes this country tick. 

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