NJ Division of Elections database has major issues

The NJ Division of Elections and county clerks struggled to inform voters of polling locations as their database failed to properly function.

At 10:37 AM this morning, less than 24 hours before polling places open for state and county elections, the NJ Division of Elections and county clerks struggled to inform inquiring voters of polling locations as their database failed to properly function.  

According to Nate Fishman, Operations Director for the Kaper-Dale for Governor Campaign, "I was on the phone for 20 minutes in order to confirm our Lt. Governor candidate's polling place due to a failing system.  Will voters be as perseverant as I was?  I doubt it."

While Fishman did not go as far as to claim it was deliberate sabotage, he did say it was only one more way voters were being deprived of vital information on an unfair playing field.

"In August the dominant parties eliminated the candidate statement being mailed to voters, this means the information is only available on the county clerks' websites or upon request by voters.  The two-party mafia is limiting democracy in order to maintain its stranglehold on NJ", Green Party candidate for Governor Seth-Kaper-Dale stated.

"Our Last Are First campaign is reaching out to the 61% of registered voters who did not come out to vote in the 2013 gubernatorial election.  These are also the people most likely to inquire about their polling places but that information is not forthcoming," the candidate added.

"Nevertheless, we have spoken to so many people around the state in our grassroots effort who are tired of the status quo that we are confident hope will triumph over confusion in tomorrow's election," Kaper-Dale concluded.


Kaper-Dale/Durden have already won!

Newark, NJ--The "Last Are First" campaign for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey revealed its activities for Tuesday's Election Day, emphasizing continued meet and greets in northern New Jersey, particularly, Newark. Green Party candidate for governor Seth Kaper-Dale will cast his vote at 10:30 a.m. at the church he pastors, Reformed Church of Highland Park, 19 S. 2nd Ave. He joins Lisa Durden, his Lieutenant Governor running mate, when she votes at 5:30 p.m. at Good Neighbor Baptist Church, 100 Chancellor Ave., Newark. 

Kaper-Dale, who Monday's mycentraljersey.com editorial section showcased, says that while other candidates promote tweeks and reforms, he is the "revolutionary" candidate. "I hardly trust that either a Wall Street billionaire or a Chris Christie redux are going to bring anything more than status quo politics," he said, "while what the majority of people in New Jersey need is transformational change." Kaper-Dale is the only one of the major party candidates to specifically commit to Medicare for All, getting lead out of the tap water, and placing a moratorium on new fossil-fuel pipelines. 

Furthermore, the Green campaign is the only one to be featured in over a dozen multi-candidate forums since January, to have drawn its party's Annual National Convention to New Jersey, and to have raised $100,000 and still been barred from the debates.

Lieutenant Governor candidate Lisa Durden said "To people who say we can't win, I say we have already won. We've won because we were building community before we started running, and we're going to keep advocating and agitating after Election Day no matter what the results are."

The campaign is throwing an Election Night party at Pino's at 13 North 4th Ave. in Highland Park from 7 p.m. "until victory." People are encouraged to make a donation to reserve their space, of a suggested amount of $5 to $500. 



Jump in today to phone bank from home for a couple of hours! The election is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th! We are ready to break free from the 2-party stranglehold on New Jersey.

Email outreach@kaperdaleforgovernor.com right now and get set up to join the phone team for today and tomorrow, right up until the last minute.

The polls are open tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you don't know your polling location, call your local board of elections or visit voter.njsvrs.com. Then mark your calendar for what time you will go there to vote Green Party!

At the end of the day, join us to celebrate this historic campaign at Pino's Lounge in my hometown, at 13 N. 4th Ave., Highland Park, from 7 p.m. until victory! Click here: Reserve your space with a final donation to fund sign and leaflet production, phone banking parties, organizer stipends, and operating expenses necessary up until the very last minute.

Suggested donation is $5 to $500.

No time to countdown, let's be on the phones and out in force now til polls close! Thank you for your continuing support.


Green Governor Candidate Takes Aim at Trump’s Racist Response to NY Deaths

Jersey City, NJ – Pausing amidst his last days of campaigning in this racially diverse city, gubernatorial candidate Seth Kaper-Dale denounced what he qualified as the "racist politicization of terror and fear" by the Trump Administration, and claimed racism is becoming more evident in this country and his state since Trump took office.
"This is outrageous. Barely grieving for the victims, the hater-in-chief is exploiting the Uzbeki origin of the man responsible for the mischief-night killings in New York to advance his policies of racial and ethnic cleansing," Kaper-Dale said after President Trump labeled the man alleged to be responsible for the Manhattan bike path killings a terrorist who should be sent to the Guantanamo military prison while taking aim at the federal Diversity Visa program.
Kaper-Dale continued, "After the racist riot in Charlottesville did the White House condemn racism?  After dozens were shot and killed methodically in Las Vegas did the president launch a campaign for gun control or call that shooter, a white man a terrorist?  No.  But when one deranged man who happens to be an Uzbeki recipient of a diversity visa many years ago runs people down the diversity visa program is threatened by a president working 24-7 to promote ethnic divisions and racial hatred."
"We must stop the politics of hatred in Washington D.C. and here in NJ where some local elections have begun to mirror the ethnic cleansing campaign coming out of Washington," he concluded, referring to anonymous propaganda in Edison, NJ calling for the deportation of 2 local school board candidates of Asian origin under the caption of "Make Edison Great Again."
Kaper-Dale, who is running on the Green Party ticket for governor with the controversial Lisa Durden as his running mate, is a pastor and social justice activist who was catapulted into the spotlight in 2012 when his church provided sanctuary for 9 Indonesian men slated for deportation.  Last month Kaper-Dale's Reformed Church of Highland Park opened its doors as a sanctuary once again.
According to his campaign website, if elected Kaper-Dale would work to make New Jersey a sanctuary state and would provide undocumented residents with drivers' licenses, healthcare and a $15/hour minimum wage.

Kaper-Dale & Durden Newark forum on Thursday

New Jersey’s Green Party Candidates for Governor & Lieutenant Governor, Seth Kaper-Dale & Lisa Durden will speak at Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday, October 26th.

All media are encouraged to attend.

Who: Seth Kaper-Dale & Lisa Durden

Where: Weequahic High School
279 Chancellor Ave, Newark, New Jersey 07112

When: Thursday October, 26 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Why: New Jersey’s Green Party Candidates for Governor & Lieutenant Governor Seth Kaper-Dale & Lisa Durden to speak on their candidacies. The event is co-hosted by the New Jersey's Network of Young Professionals, INC. (NJNYP) and the Black History Month Committee of Weequahic High School.

This event is part of the Black History Month Committee free program called REAL TALK THURSDAYS, for the students and the larger community in Newark. The NJNYP mission is to galvanize professional voters in New Jersey, ages 18-35, by working collectively to support progressive leadership with the ability to effectively bridge the generation gap within municipal, county, state and federal Government.

LETTER: Look past major parties in gubernatorial race

Your headline “Race for governor offers no sanctuary” (Oct. 16) misses the significant. While Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno attack each other, Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale is providing sanctuary, literally, to immigrants unfairly targeted for deportation. On the same day the debate took place excluding him, two people who had fled religious persecution in their native country years ago moved into the church he pastors in Highland Park, rather than report for their regularly scheduled check-in with ICE, for fear that this time they would be detained and deported.

For the third time in 15 years, Kaper-Dale’s church is sheltering people who deserve to stay and would otherwise be ripped from the NJ communities they know as home. His work has kept hundreds of families together. His plans to defend New Jersey’s half-million non-citizens as governor include DMV IDs, so that all NJ drivers can be licensed and insured, making our roads safer for everyone. In his administration, New Jersey will care for all its residents, citizens and not-yet-citizens.


Read more at MyCentralJersey.com

Green Party gubernatorial ticket focuses on state’s most vulnerable residents

BY Michael Aron, Chief Political Correspondent 

In the contest to lead this state, the two major party candidates Democrat Phil Murphy and Republican Kim Guadagno have got much of the money and media attention. But, there are independent candidates also running for governor. Wednesday, we interviewed Gina Genovese. Thursday, Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale and his running mate Lisa Durden joined Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron.


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NJ DACA recipients want 'clean' Dream Act. Will they get it?

By: Steph Solis, @stephmsolis

Seth Kaper-Dale, the pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park and an immigration rights advocate, said he never expected Trump would work with Democrats on a DACA deal. 

"I told people, forget it. You can't work with him," said Kaper-Dale, the Green Party candidate for governor. "He has proven to be so inhumane there's no way you can trust him as a fair broker."

Kaper-Dale said he has seen firsthand how ending DACA affects immigrant families in New Jersey. He recalled that families in Central New Jersey with DACA recipients were able to get stays or removal, or permission to stay longer under supervision. Many of them are Indonesian Christian families who fled religious persecution in their home countries in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

"Those families have no safety now that the program is done," he said.


Read more at APP.com

Indonesian couple take refuge in candidate's church

Associated Press
By Shawn Marsh
OCTOBER 16, 2017

TRENTON, N.J. – A Christian Indonesian couple who fear they'll be deported if they follow orders to report to U.S. immigration officials have taken refuge in a church run by a candidate in New Jersey's governor's race.

The Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, the Green Party candidate, offered sanctuary in the Reformed Church of Highland Park to Arthur Jemmy and his wife, Silfia Tobing, last week. They fear they'll join seven other Indonesians in New Jersey who were deported and four others who left on their own as Immigration and Customs Enforcement reviewed their status this year.

Kaper-Dale, who is waging a long-shot bid in the race to replace Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has highlighted his long-running efforts to help immigrants living in the state illegally in his campaign. Kaper-Dale's church gave sanctuary to nine Indonesian refugees for almost a year in 2012.

Kaper-Dale said he has reached out to attorneys for the family, and said his actions were not politically motivated.

"Take a look at my track record since 2002. I have been fighting hard for this. I can't help if I'm doing real stuff," he said.

Kaper-Dale's campaign platform includes making New Jersey a "sanctuary" state that wouldn't help federal immigration authorities, would issue drivers licenses to immigrants no matter their status and provide health care to all immigrants, as well.

His welcoming of the Indonesian couple comes amid a national debate over President Donald Trump's immigration policies, and the same week immigration became a flashpoint in the governor's race.

Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy said during a debate last week that New Jersey should become a sanctuary state that doesn't assist federal immigration authorities in detaining immigrants when they're arrested for lesser offenses. Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno quickly turned that line into an ad slamming Murphy and linking his immigration policies to a brutal murder case.

The ad drew immediate backlash from Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who called it the "return of Willie Horton," a reference to an explosive 1988 anti-Michael Dukakis ad derided by many as racist.

Jemmy and Toing are part of a community of Indonesian Christians who overstayed their visas after fleeing persecution in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"It's very scary," said 40-year-old Jemmy, who was detained for three weeks in 2009. "We have to wait for a miracle. I hope Donald Trump can change his mind."

In 2013, they were granted a temporary stay of their deportation orders, allowing them to remain in the U.S. legally for a year. They were required to report to immigration authorities. However, ICE has said the group waited too long to file for official asylum.

ICE policy directs agents to avoid enforcement activities at houses of worship, schools and hospitals without approval from supervisors or in emergency situations, a spokesman said.

Hundreds of Christians fled Indonesia between 1996 and 2003, when churches were destroyed by anti-Christian extremists in the majority Muslim country. The U.S. government allowed many to enter the country on tourist visas after the fall of the regime of dictator Suharto.

Many established lives in the U.S. and had U.S.-born children. But after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks, the government required all males between the ages of 16 and 65 to register if they had entered the U.S. on temporary visas from Muslim nations.

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System program was scrapped last year by the Obama administration after years of inactivity. Legislation that would have allowed Indonesian Christians to reopen their asylum bids has failed to win congressional approval.

A federal judge in September put on hold the deportation of nearly 60 Indonesians in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who had lost their bid to remain in the U.S. In Connecticut last week, a former Fulbright scholar from Indonesia took sanctuary inside church after he was ordered by ICE to board a plane.

 Arthur Jemmy walks through a hallway at The Reformed Church of Highland Park, where he and his wife are taking sanctuary to avoid deportation, Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, in Highland Park, N.J. The church, who is led by pastor Seth Kaper-Dale, a Green Party candidate in the New Jersey gubernatorial election, has a history of hosting immigrants in danger of deportation. The candidate's platform includes declaring New Jersey a sanctuary state. Julio Cortez AP Photo

Arthur Jemmy walks through a hallway at The Reformed Church of Highland Park, where he and his wife are taking sanctuary to avoid deportation, Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, in Highland Park, N.J. The church, who is led by pastor Seth Kaper-Dale, a Green Party candidate in the New Jersey gubernatorial election, has a history of hosting immigrants in danger of deportation. The candidate's platform includes declaring New Jersey a sanctuary state. Julio Cortez AP Photo


Anti-Racist Alliance of North Jersey

As you know, we held a powerful and successful Racial Justice Town Hall with New Jersey gubernatorial candidates on September 16th at Essex County College. As a result of the passionate presentation by Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale, as well as his profound achievements in transformational organizing, the Anti-racist Alliance of North Jersey proudly endorses the Kaper-Dale/Durden ticket as our choice in the November 7th governor’s race.

This year’s election has prompted us to take big action to put matters of racial disparities and systemic racism in New Jersey front and center on the political stage. Seth Kaper-Dale and Lisa Durden are a rare example of a pair of activists taking our fight to the New Jersey electoral process.

They are up against 2 billionaire-backed candidates, so they are relying on a grassroots movement to show the establishment that they, and we, are serious!

We call on our members to go to www.kaperdaleforgovernor.com and learn about Seth and Lisa and contribute what you can to their campaign.

A little of what you will find: Seth Kaper-Dale is a pastor known for creating affordable housing, and defending prisoner and migrant rights.

Lisa Durden is a television personality, producer, and outspoken subject matter expert on social issues.

They decided to run for governor and lieutenant governor because they are tired of party bosses and Wall Street running New Jersey.

Check out their policies page that stands out for its revolutionary content: Medicare for All in NJ; a $15 an hour minimum wage that extends to the labor of the imprisoned; and a plan to both legalize marijuana AND ensure that resulting economic benefits boost communities that have suffered from its criminalization.

Please join us in supporting the #OnlyProgressivesRunning for governor and lieutenant governor in 2017.

Our work will be well supported when proven anti-racist advocates get to the State House where we need them.

In solidarity,
The Antiracist Alliance of Northern New Jersey and Anti-Racist Alliance of Morris Count