NJ.com: N.J. pastor ready to take on the establishment in run for governor

The following is an excerpt from NJ.com originally published on November 2, 2016


Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale says he's tired of a few political leaders choosing candidates in important New Jersey races. 

Fed up with "politics as usual," Kaper-Dale, of the Reformed Church of Highland Park, is throwing his hat into next year's gubernatorial race running on the Green Party ticket.

Though a lifelong Democrat, the soft-spoken yet fiery 41-year-old pastor who has never shied from controversy, said he became fed up when leaders in the Democratic Party swiftly coalesced around Phil Murphy as their gubernatorial candidate before voters even got the chance to get to know him. He believes the decision blocked voters from getting a glimpse at an array of other quality candidates, and it was a major igniter in his decision to run.

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) took many by surprise when he recently announced he wasn't going to run for governor, citing the Democratic Party's rally around Murphy.

"The fact that we went from four legitimate candidates (to) backdoor deals that made everyone drop out but one ... (when) the voters haven't even had a chance to meet Phil Murphy," he said.

His platform is simple: the poor come first, period.

Modeling after the true teachings of Jesus Christ — especially his proclivity toward challenging the so-called establishment — he said, "Whoever is last will be the first priority of my administration."


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