N.J. Green Party candidate asks public to donate to presidential recount effort

Seth joins Jill Stein in asking for a recount in close national elections in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, for the sake of confidence in our free and fair election

The following is an excerpt from NJ.com originally published on November 24, 2016

New Jersey's Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale is asking the public to donate to the presidential recount effort in three battleground states currently being led by his party's presidential standard-bearer Jill Stein.

Kaper-Dale, 41, who earlier this month announced he'd run in next year's gubernatorial race, said in a statement Thursday that it was "the right of a presidential candidate to demand a recount if there are concerns about the manner that an election was carried out."

Stein's effort calls for a recount of vote totals in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin after concerns were raised by election integrity experts about some "statistical anomalies" in those states, according to a statement on the fundraising website.

So far, the initiative has raised more than $3.6 million as of about 2 p.m. on Thursday with a goal of $4.5 million.

"As we celebrate Thanksgiving I am thankful that we live in a Democracy ... and I encourage all people, from every party and no party, to give generously to the fundraising efforts," said Kaper-Dale, of the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

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