Standing Rock-The Last Bitter Taste Of President Obama

The following is an excerpt from The Huffington Post originally published on December 13, 2016.



Standing Rock...
And My Ambivalence About Suggesting Trump is Worse
Than the Neoliberal Capitalists Clinton/Obama

I walked into the church where I have been pastor for the past 15 years, the morning after the election, and I was received by tear-stained immigrants and refugees who were so frightened over the election of Donald Trump. It’s not surprising that they feared him. His behavior had been outrageous, and suddenly, it was legitimatized.

Donald Trump has been calling people names for the past year and a half, while campaigning, but name-calling, religiously speaking, should be reserved as a tool for use by people who are last (and who stand with ‘the last’) as they rail against abusive powers (see the Prophets of Hebrew Scriptures). Donald Trump displays all the qualities of a terrorist, a sexual predator, a homophobe, a xenophobe and he has surrounded himself with people who espouse, quite publicly, those views. He is a disgusting, disgraceful representative for our country. He deserves, right back at him, every name he has directed toward others. We need to stand strong against the danger he poses to so many vulnerable populations.

But he is not responsible for Standing Rock.


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