N.J. Dems should have the guts to back min. wage hike

The following is an excerpt from NJ.com originally published on December 9, 2016


Everyone knows it costs a lot of money to live in New Jersey. 

Our pitiful minimum wage makes it near impossible for too many people to afford a decent place to live.  

Instead of hovering in the $8 range, we should be heading to $15 an hour as fast as possible. The state Assembly and Senate brought a bill to Gov. Chris Christie calling for minimum wage hike, which he vetoed in August. At that time Senate President Stephen Sweeney said, "we will do the right thing and introduce a constitutional amendment to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by the year 2021." 

Democrats have talked about how they'd let the people of New Jersey decide about the wage increase, but talk is all it seems to be. 

Some Democrats, including Sweeney, have started to insist that there be carve outs for farm workers and younger workers. Based on these demands, the $15 per hour plan looks like it could miss being voted on by the Assembly in time to be place on the ballot in 2017. 

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