Trump's immigration action scares NJ advocates

The following is an excerpt from originally published January 25, 2017.

But those aren't the only actions that Trump is likely to take on immigration. As soon as Thursday, Trump is expected to sign an executive order that would suspend issuing visas to immigrants coming from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen for at least 30 days, according to the Associated Press.

Trump also is expected to sign an order that would stop accepting Syrian refugees indefinitely and suspend the country's refugee program for 120 days.

Casa Freehold director Rita Dentino said Trump's actions were just the icing on the cake after nearly two years of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Clients of the Freehold Borough-based nonprofit that helps day laborers have been "openly attacked in school or at the mall, told they're 'going home,'" she said.

“It’s just another level of terror, really,” she said.

Seth Kaper-Dale, gubernatorial candidate and senior co-pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park, said: “The attitudes and actions of the president takes what Governor Christie has said negatively about refugees and just takes it to the next level. For those of us who work very hard on behalf of victims of the world’s abuses, we feel like it’s an assault on us when a president of a first world nation not only doesn’t support our efforts to serve victims of the world’s abuses, but actively gets in the way of such efforts. It’s a repulsive decision by the president and there is no room for that sort of attitude or behavior in the United States of America.”