Power & Politics

Friends, this weekend I will be featured on Power & Politics. I invite you to watch the interview.

Some might balk at my very clear message about the importance of unabashedly raising taxes on the most wealthy, and my description of extreme wealth as 'gross.' However, when most of my days, for the past 15 years, has been spent trying to help people have enough food to survive, a roof over their heads, basic jobs that bring dignity and self-worth, fairness in the immigration system, basic respect in the criminal justice system, and warmth from the cold, it is fair to understand the opposite of that reality as 'gross.' Redistribute even a fairly small percentage of that wealth and NJ could become beautiful for all. If people in the most desperate financial positions in this state had what they needed to be healthy, to be rested, to meet their basic needs, society would begin to experience a great transformation.

Peace, Seth

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