Anti-Racist Alliance of North Jersey

As you know, we held a powerful and successful Racial Justice Town Hall with New Jersey gubernatorial candidates on September 16th at Essex County College. As a result of the passionate presentation by Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale, as well as his profound achievements in transformational organizing, the Anti-racist Alliance of North Jersey proudly endorses the Kaper-Dale/Durden ticket as our choice in the November 7th governor’s race.

This year’s election has prompted us to take big action to put matters of racial disparities and systemic racism in New Jersey front and center on the political stage. Seth Kaper-Dale and Lisa Durden are a rare example of a pair of activists taking our fight to the New Jersey electoral process.

They are up against 2 billionaire-backed candidates, so they are relying on a grassroots movement to show the establishment that they, and we, are serious!

We call on our members to go to www.kaperdaleforgovernor.com and learn about Seth and Lisa and contribute what you can to their campaign.

A little of what you will find: Seth Kaper-Dale is a pastor known for creating affordable housing, and defending prisoner and migrant rights.

Lisa Durden is a television personality, producer, and outspoken subject matter expert on social issues.

They decided to run for governor and lieutenant governor because they are tired of party bosses and Wall Street running New Jersey.

Check out their policies page that stands out for its revolutionary content: Medicare for All in NJ; a $15 an hour minimum wage that extends to the labor of the imprisoned; and a plan to both legalize marijuana AND ensure that resulting economic benefits boost communities that have suffered from its criminalization.

Please join us in supporting the #OnlyProgressivesRunning for governor and lieutenant governor in 2017.

Our work will be well supported when proven anti-racist advocates get to the State House where we need them.

In solidarity,
The Antiracist Alliance of Northern New Jersey and Anti-Racist Alliance of Morris Count