NJ DACA recipients want 'clean' Dream Act. Will they get it?

By: Steph Solis, @stephmsolis

Seth Kaper-Dale, the pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park and an immigration rights advocate, said he never expected Trump would work with Democrats on a DACA deal. 

"I told people, forget it. You can't work with him," said Kaper-Dale, the Green Party candidate for governor. "He has proven to be so inhumane there's no way you can trust him as a fair broker."

Kaper-Dale said he has seen firsthand how ending DACA affects immigrant families in New Jersey. He recalled that families in Central New Jersey with DACA recipients were able to get stays or removal, or permission to stay longer under supervision. Many of them are Indonesian Christian families who fled religious persecution in their home countries in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

"Those families have no safety now that the program is done," he said.


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