LETTER: Look past major parties in gubernatorial race

Your headline “Race for governor offers no sanctuary” (Oct. 16) misses the significant. While Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno attack each other, Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale is providing sanctuary, literally, to immigrants unfairly targeted for deportation. On the same day the debate took place excluding him, two people who had fled religious persecution in their native country years ago moved into the church he pastors in Highland Park, rather than report for their regularly scheduled check-in with ICE, for fear that this time they would be detained and deported.

For the third time in 15 years, Kaper-Dale’s church is sheltering people who deserve to stay and would otherwise be ripped from the NJ communities they know as home. His work has kept hundreds of families together. His plans to defend New Jersey’s half-million non-citizens as governor include DMV IDs, so that all NJ drivers can be licensed and insured, making our roads safer for everyone. In his administration, New Jersey will care for all its residents, citizens and not-yet-citizens.


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