Criminalizing our best neighbors in Trump World | Editorial

The following is an excerpt from originally published March 19, 2017.

There is a small band of exceptional people in Middlesex County who rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy for free, as part of their work with the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

There is no saintlier conduct than this. At a time when we seem to have lost our way - where distrust is the tenet of a creeping nationalism - these are the people who provide daily reminders of what it means to be good neighbors and good Americans.

Donald Trump classifies them as criminals.

They're unauthorized immigrants from places like Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, and Kenya, many have been here for decades, and they're scared. New Jersey hasn't been targeted for deportation raids (yet) but with 500,000 such people - many under final deportation orders - it's doubtful they'll be overlooked much longer.