Pastor-Candidate First to be on General Election Ballot

Press Release
May 22, 2017

TRENTON, NJ -- Gubernatorial candidate Seth-Kaper Dale delivered his petitions to the Division of Elections formalizing his candidacy. Kaper-Dale is running with the Green Party of New Jersey and is not required to participate in the June primaries. 

Kaper-Dale submitted over 1,700 signatures, a testament to the support he has received thus far; Kaper-Dale is the most popular Green Party candidate to run for Governor in New Jersey to date. 

Kaper-Dale's campaign manager, Geoff Herzog, made this statement following the submission of his petitions: 

"People are tired of the corrupt two-party duopoly that has occupied not only New Jersey, but this country for so long. Even if a well-meaning candidate manages to win the Democratic nomination, his hands would be tied due to the personal profit interests of the party bosses. It is time for a true outsider, someone who works for the interests of the people, and listens to them. Seth is that guy. On the phones and in the streets we are meeting thousands of people who are fed up with establishment politics and millionaires pretending to be progressive." 

Kaper-Dale is a pastor at the Reformed Church of Highland Park, and has gained national recognition myriad times, most recently when one of the Indonesian immigrants who took sanctuary was deported by ICE last week. 

Kaper-Dale had the following to say:

"It is tragedies, like tearing the Massie family apart that made me decide I'm running for governor. We're excited to see what the future holds. This is a fight for justice; my "last are first" slogan represents the lens I've used to look at the world for a long time. People who are left out need to be a priority for any civilized society.  This is not going to be an easy fight, but it's going to be a fight that we are ready to win. We appreciate all of the support we have gotten thus far, and we look forward to it continuing to grow." 

The New Jersey's gubernatorial election will take place on November 7, 2017.