Kaper-Dale described his support for families at public forum

TRENTON  -- With the federal budget expected to contain deep cuts to Medicaid, the Trump administration has all but "declared war on our children," the leader of a statewide advocacy group said Monday, challenging candidates for governor to make kids a priority this election year. 

The gathering at Thomas Edison State University began with a discussion about the latest Kids Count report by the Advocates for Children analyzing data to measure child health and well-being. Four gubernatorial candidates spoke afterwards and took questions from the audience about their positions on family issues.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey is challenging candidates to speak up for kids on the campaign trail. At the 2017 annual NJ Kids Count databook release, here's what Pastor Seth Kaper-Dale said about his agenda for children.

Highlights from Seth Kaper Dale, pastor of Reformed Church, Highland Park and Green Party candidate, address include:

  • Create a single-payer health care system supported by payroll taxes
  • Support a $15 an hour minimum wage that employers will back because they will not be paying for expensive health benefits;
  • Legalize marijuana to halt the flood of drug possession arrests. "Fewer parents would be incarcerated."