Kaper-Dale interviewed on FiOS1 Focus

The pastor from Middlesex County will be running for Governor in November as a member of the Green Party

Seth Kaper-Dale is hoping you'll think Green when you visit the polling booth this November .

The 41-year-old husband and father of 3, who is also the pastor at the Reformed Church of Highland Park says that he decided to run for Governor of New JErsey with the Green Party campaign, after being disappointed by the candidates in the Democratic and Republican parties.

"The other two parties, at this point, are for profit over people. It's not that everything that comes out of a Republican's mouth or a Democrat's mouth is corrupt, but they are so sold out they need someone to challenge them from the outside," Kaper-Dale said.

Kaper-Dale, who has a Bachelor's Degree from Hope College in Michigan and a Master's Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, has been compared to Bernie Sanders.

Kaper-Dale says that if he does become governor, he would step down as pastor of the church and believes the Phil Murphy is his biggest competitor in the race for Governor.