Incremental change on environment in N.J. not enough

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I have grown tired of the environmental groups in New Jersey compromising their values. Endorsements of Phil Murphy are the personification of a strange acceptance of incremental change in place of progress. When these groups stick to the courage of their convictions, demand real change and refuse to compromise their environmental, social and economic values, the choice will become clear.

Now these groups consider which of the "corporate" Democrats or career politicians are better. Who can they compromise with the most? When they decide to have some political courage, stand up and support a Green Party candidate, then and only then will they actually be able to make policy. In a Green administration, these groups would not have to sacrifice their values. They would be directly involved in the policy making. Then we can all move forward protecting the environment in NJ, together.

The Green Party of New Jersey has a candidate ready to take environmental policy to the forefront of New Jersey politics — Seth Kaper-Dale. Everyone who cares about the state's future should check him out. Don't wait for incremental change.