Kaper-Dale Calls on Space to Resign

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ -- Gubernatorial candidate Seth Kaper-Dale is calling for the resignation of Sussex Country representative Parker Space, following a recent picture of Space and his wife smiling in front of a Confederate flag. The picture has garnered attention and sparked controversy in the recent days.

"At a time when the nation is expressing outrage over symbols of racism, anti-semitism, and bigotry, we have an elected official in New Jersey who feels it is right to proudly wave a Confederate flag. It appears to me that there's another statue that needs to be taken down, that being Parker Space as an official. This kind of bigotry does not belong in New Jersey politics, and I would ask that this out of touch candidate, whose views do not align with the views of the people of New Jersey, resign, and refrain from seeking reelection," said Kaper-Dale on the matter.  

Space is the only lawmaker in the Assembly to have abstained in a 73-0 vote to condemn the Confederate flag in January of 2015.

"We are not afraid to take action to ensure that Parker Space hears us..." said Rishi Mehta, Communications Director for the Kaper-Dale campaign. He continued, "...and it is sad that Christie's Lt. Governor refuses to criticize this detestable photo; the Goldman Sachs candidate only demands an apology from Space; we want more. We do not want this kind of hate at all in New Jersey, let alone from an elected official."

Space is quoted as citing the incident as "nothing". Meanwhile, candidates in the 24th district running against Space did not hesitate in their condemning of the image either.

The general election to elect New Jersey's next governor will take place on November 7th.

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