Lisa Durden and the Burden of the False Angry Black Woman Narrative

This story was originally published by Infeminty Political News

The black person's burden of managing white fragility is as old as slavery. Dr. Joy DeGruy speaks of this in her groundbreaking book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. There is a delicate balance between the comfort of maintaining a superior cast system and the guilt of protecting it. And still today, people vastly underestimate the extent to which black lives are filled with a level of racial stress that most white people are not exposed to and simply couldn't deal with. Lisa Durden, a talk show host, pop-culture commentator, film curator and adjunct professor, went on Fox News to discuss the New York City Black Lives Matter chapter's Memorial Day party, where they asked that if people did not identify as part of the African Diaspora, that they not attend. Durden went head-to-head with Tucker Carlson to explain why she supported the New York City Black Lives Matter chapter's decision. Durden argued that as Memorial Day was founded by disenfranchised blacks, and as blacks continue to be disenfranchised in America, she understood the need for the NYC Black Lives Matter chapter to ask for a safe space to celebrate this legacy.

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