Green Party candidates: voters are tired of two-party system

This was originally published by NJTV.

We're at NJIT in Newark. The Green Party is holding it's annual national meeting looking ahead to the off-year elections in November. New Jersey is only one of two states with a governor's race, the other one is Virginia, so the Green's are doing some low-level politicking here. Now, Jersey is a tough state for a third party candidate because the media ads are expensive and because of the party line balloting. Jersey, however, is a little different this year. There's a lot of anger and angst over the budget deadlock and the government shutdown. The question is are the Green's going to be able to translate that possibly into a little bit of a voter shift into their column come November? We put that question earlier today to the Green's gubernatorial candidate, Seth Kaper-Dale, and to their 2016 presidential candidate, Jill Stein.

Read the full story at NJTV.

Read the full story at NJTV.

No to Canada

Published by Chasing News on March 22, 2017

Since Superstorm Sandy in 2012, the Reformed Church of Highland Park, NJ, has worked through its Sandy Relief group to rebuild and restore hundreds of homes.

Last week, a dozen church members of the Rehoboth United Reformed Church in Ontario, Canada were on their way to help rebuild five homes for those people who have had no other help.

When the Canadian volunteers reached the US border, they were and turned away.  Volunteers said they have never had trouble crossing before.

The Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale told Rohan what happened.