Women’s Rights and Women’s Health Have Been Last—So They Shall Be First

Women have led the call for protecting healthcare and transforming it from a for-profit-industry to a public service. In accordance with the National Organization for Women’s recommendations, my healthcare policy will allow patients and doctors the exclusive power to determine what medical care is best, including a full range of reproductive services. Unlike our current governor, I am committed to signing an equal pay bill like S992 the first time it is presented to me. Women in New Jersey will no longer settle for 69.8 cents per dollar earned by men.

Violence against women is an intolerable offense that must stop:  While we consider lessening sentences on minor drug crimes, I want to look very seriously at increasing the consequences of the criminal justice system against those who do violence toward women.   

My administration will promote educational programs addressing physical violence against women, all forms of gender-based denigration and abuse and a woman’s right to control her own body.

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